Demonstration of Heat-O-Phone at the Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair.

Heat-O-Phone is a spatial multimodal experience where the audience perceives spatial audio and heat. Like a stereo audio, heat-o-phone has a pair of thermal displays working cooperatively and providing heat from any horizontal direction in front of the audience. This work was inspired by Théâtrophone, the first spatial audio experience demonstrated by Clément Ader at the 1881 International Exposition of Electricity in Paris.


Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair. 2022.

Leaflet at the Guthman Fair. The design is inspired by the leaflet of the Théâtrophone.

Demo at the Guthman Fair.

Demo at the Guthman Fair.


CDAIT Student IoT Innovation Capacity Building Challenge 2023 Honorable Mention. 2023. Result page.


Sosuke Ichihashi, PhD Student, Georgia Tech.
Luke Wang, BS Student, Georgia Tech.
Chang Ye Huang, BS Student, Georgia Tech.
Dr. Noura Howell, Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech.